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The Lowdown On Motorcycle Dyno Tuning

  Motorcycle dyno tuning refers to making specific adjustments to a motorcycle’s air supply, ignition and fuel so as to achieve high levels of torque and horsepower while maintaining an optimal air to fuel ratio. 

Specialists perform this task using a dynamometer or dyno as motorcycle enthusiasts often call them. It sounds like a good thing. After all, it is all about improving a bikes performance and giving it more power.  You can therefore imagine that there is nothing wrong with this process. 

But as many motorcycle experts will tell you, there is much more involved with motorcycle dyno tuning than what most bike lovers know. In simple terms, the advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages. So what exactly are the disadvantages associated with motorcycle dyno tuning? 

Like you’re about to find out, most if not all the setbacks have something to do with how the procedure is performed.

The Error Margin

Motorcycle dyno tuning demands great skill and precision. There should be minimal room for errors. Think about it this way. You’ll have to adjust bolt on accessories like pipes and jet kits. While the dyno will guide you through the process, you’ll still have to figure out which adjustment is necessary and which one is not. 

You’ll also have to figure out what goes where. At the end of the day there should be no second guessing. An incorrectly performed dyno tuning procedure can lead to safety issues. With the kind of torque and speed that most modern bikes have, compromised safety is the last problem you want for your bike.

Finding A Good Dyno Tuner

Dyno tuning always depends on the skill of the tuner. It has nothing to do with the equipment used. This can only mean one thing for the bike owner. Take your time to find an experienced and skilled tuner. If you know other bike owners that have undergone successful dyno tuning then ask them for a recommendation.

What is the cost of Motorcycle Dyno Tuning?

It is hard, almost impossible to get your motorcycle dyno tuned for less than $250. So it is vital that if you are going to spend this kind of money on dyno tuning that you find the best people to do it for you. 

Consider dyno tuning if you want to improve your motorcycle engine performance or you want to upgrade the power of your bike. It is certainly a good option for either of these requirements. 

What is the Process of Motorcycle Dyno Tuning?

This is where most bike owners get it wrong. You do not need to just consider dyno for expensive tuning. Feel free to use it as a tool to examine your motorcycle. A few pulls and inspecting the cruise area will let you know how well your bike is running. It’ll be better if you can watch the whole process.  This should take at least a couple of hours. 

Motorcycle dyno tuning will help you to know if the air to fuel ratio is right on your bike. When bikes come out of the factory they usually have a very lean air to fuel ratio and this can cause them to run hot. If your engine runs too hot it can mean that internal engine parts face premature wear and tear.

Your Motorcycle Dyno Tuning Experts

At Barnett Cycles we have the experts to provide you with the best motorcycle dyno tuning service. Our fully trained personnel know exactly what they are doing and will achieve the best results for your bike. Contact us here now and book your bike in for a great dyno tuning experience.

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Motorcycle Dyno Tuning | Barnett Cycles
Motorcycle Dyno Tuning | Barnett Cycles